Apliquick Refill Kit: 3 Yards Apliquick Fusible Stabilizer, 1 Set Apliquick Pencils, 3 Glue Stics

  • $55.00

  • Use this APLIQUICK REFILL KIT to KEEP YOUR APPLIQUE PROJECTS GOING: Use the FABRIC MARKERS (2 pencils) to draw your applique shape on the FUSIBLE STABILIZER; cut out the shape, fuse it to your fabric and trim; apply the FABRIC GLUE to the edge of the shape; use with other Apliquick applique tools (not included) like Apliquick rods, Apliquick scissors and Apliquick tweezers
  • Apliquick Stabilizer is white, FUSIBLE ON ONE SIDE - easily applied to the fabric with an iron; VERY SOFT and LIGHTWEIGHT - After your project is washed, the stabilizer is so soft and lightweight you won’t feel it under the fabric;  stabilizer is one piece approximately 180 inches (3 yards) long by 35 inches wide; stabilizer is not water-soluble

  • SOFT-LEAD PENCILS are designed for use on the fabric and won’t tear your stabilizer as you draw; there are 2 Apliquick Pencils included in this set

  • ACID-FREE, NON-TOXIC Avery glue stick won’t harm your fabric and is simple to apply to the edge of your fabric; easy cleanup with water
  • REFILL KIT includes: 1 - 3-yard piece of Apliquick Fusible Stabilizer, 1 package of Apliquick Pencils (2 pencils) and 3 Avery Glue Stics