Apliquick Rods - Apliquick Tools for Turned Edge Applique - 2 Rods

  • $42.00

Brand: Apliquick


  • INCLUDES 2 Apliquick EASY GRIP, stainless steel, turning rods for making turned edge applique; Apliquick rods are amazing Apliquick tools used to help make turned-edge applique for large and medium pieces; essential for miniature applique designs
  • SIMPLE DESIGN of these applique sewing tools: the Apliquick Tools include a pronged rod to hold the appliqué piece steady and a pointed rod to turn the fabric over the stabilizer and press it in place
  • EASY TO USE - the fork on one end allows you to hold the small piece in place while the other beveled rod is used to brush the fabric over the edge of the foundation paper; use a glue pen or stick to add a slight smear of water dissolvable glue along seam line; use the pointed ends of your rods to flatten out any puckers or ripples so that everything lays nice and flat
  • CONVENIENT SIZE - each rod is approximately 7 ¾ inches long x 3/8 inches in diameter
  • USE WITH applique paper and glue or fusible interfacing (not included); instructions are included

Details: Use the amazing Apliquick stainless steel rods to make turned-edge applique easier to accomplish and with better-looking results. The rods are a convenient size to store easily with your other quilting tools or sewing tools. They are thicker through the middle than on the ends to make the rods easier to grasp.

Made of stainless steel for durability.

Watch this video for a demonstration of how to use the Apliquick rods.

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