Apliquick Fusible Stabilizer for Applique - One Piece 3 Yards Long - 108 Inches by 35 Inches Wide, White, Fusible on One-Side

  • $45.00

Brand: Apliquick


  • OPTIMUM TEXTURE on the fusible stabilizer - flexible enough to be used with any fabric and enough body so the fabric edges can be folded easily with the Apliquick Rods
  • RECOMMENDED STABILIZER for use with turned-edge, glue stick method of applique in combination with Apliquick Rods and other Apliquick Tools.
  • FUSIBLE ON ONE SIDE - easily applied to the fabric with an iron
  • VERY SOFT and LIGHTWEIGHT – After your project is washed, the stabilizer is so soft and lightweight you won’t feel it under the fabric. After washing, you won’t know it’s there. It is not water-soluble.

 Details: Apliquick fusible stabilizer has been cut from a bolt. It is approximately 35 ¾ inches wide by a generous 108 inches long. It has been gently folded to approximately 10 by 14 inches.

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