Design Works - Christmas Zenbroidery Stamped Embroidery: 3 Designs: Tree, Mandala, Ornaments, 10-inch by 10-Inch Each and 3 Gift Cards

  • $17.97

Brand: Design Works


    • INCLUDES 3 Christmas Zenbroidery stamped embroidery design kits:
      • Christmas tree (4025)
      • Christmas Mandala (4028)
      • Christmas Ornaments (4030)
    • Christmas tree is decorated with old-fashioned candles and assorted flowers; Christmas Ornament design is a large Christmas ornament filled will a large variety of uniquely-designed smaller ornaments; Christmas Mandala is a design of concentric circles of holly, gingerbread men, Christmas lights, Christmas trees, Christmas ornaments and candy canes
    • Zenbroidery is perfect for ANY EMBROIDERY SKILL LEVEL from beginner to expert; all stitchers will enjoy completing these holiday embroidery designs; great way for beginners to learn new embroidery stitches; CREATE YOUR OWN UNIQUE LOOK with your choice of your own embroidery cords and trims or complete these Christmas designs with your own fabric paints, fabric markers, embroidery floss or other embellishments
    • Unleash your CREATIVITY when you complete these free-form stamped embroidery Christmas designs; use the finished Christmas embroidery designs as wall décor pictures to accent any room in your house or apartment during the holidays; OR, use the completed stamped embroidery designs as pillow tops for fun, colorful throw pillows as part of your traditional holiday decorating
    • Sign and enclose the included GIFT CARDS when you give the completed Christmas tree, Christmas Mandala or Christmas Ornament design as gifts; great for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, a Mother’s Day gift or a just-because gift for someone special in your life
    • Each of the three stamped embroidery DESIGN KITS INCLUDES a printed Zenbroidery fabric design, needle and an Illustrated Guide to Free-Form Stitching
    • Hand-crafted gifts and hand-crafted room décor items are especially heart-warming because the gift includes the efforts of the crafters. This kit makes it easy to create special hand-crafted items that will be treasured for generations.
    • The 3 included gift cards are each 2-inches by 3 1/2-inches and come with an envelope. The gift card reads “A Special Gift For _____ Hand Stitched By _____” and has a picture of a needle and thread.
    • Finished size of each stamped embroidery design is 10 by 10-inches on fabric that is 15 by 15-inches
    • The frames are not included, and you’ll need to provide your own embroidery hoop and floss, cords, paint, sequins and whatever else you choose to finish the designs
    • Made in USA

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