Apliquick 3 Hole Microserrated Sewing Scissors, Medium 5-1/2 Inch

  • $49.50

Brand: Apliquick


  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – unique scissors have been ergonomically designed to prevent strain on fingers and joints; all 5 fingers lie in a natural position as you cut, decreasing tension in the hand. The ergonomic design of the handle makes scissors easy make precise cuts because the whole hand directs the scissors
  • MICRO SERRATED EDGES - Apliquick scissors have micro-serrated edges to obtain perfection in the cut. Micro serrated edges on the scissor blades grip the fabric, hold it in place and cut without fraying. The serrated edge prevents the fabric from slipping towards the tip of the scissors and also allows the scissors to be used as a grip for miniature applique pieces.
  • PERFECTION IN CUTTING - ergonomic design of the handle makes the sewing scissors a precise cutting tool because the entire hand directs the scissors
  • SEWING SCISSORS for cutting gentle curves and straight lines. An indispensable tool for applique pieces of patchwork, because it allows perfection in the cut. Great to use for sewing applique projects and for quilting applique projects.
  • CONVENIENT SIZE - scissors are about 5-1/2 inches; blades are about 3 inches. Must-have scissors to include with your sewing tools and quilting tools


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