Marti Michell Easy Quilt Template Set for Beginners - Volume 5 Quilting Book, Template Sets Q, R, T

  • $79.97

  • INCLUDES 4 Marti Michelle Perfect Patchwork System products: quilting book “Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 5, Five is Fabulous!” (8229), Template Set Q – Q is for Quilting (8212), Template Set R - Peaky and Spike (8019), Template Set T – Basic Pieces for 5-Inch Units (8203)
  • BIGGER QUILT BLOCKS using 5-INCH QUILT UNITS are the focus of the quilting tools in this set; larger quilt blocks make it easier for beginning quilters to successfully make their first quilt; bigger quilt blocks usually mean making fewer blocks for a fabulous bed quilt or wall hanging
  • TEMPLATE SETS COORDINATE with each other to make easy quilts; don’t worry that your pieces won’t go together - Volume 5 book and the template instructions detail how to use the templates in all 3 sets to create amazing quilt designs
  • TEMPLATES are CONSTRUCTED OF THICK, CLEAR ACRYLIC so you can rotary-cut multiple layers of fabric at one time, easily and precisely; templates feature a perfect 1/4-inch seam allowance so you get specific-size pieces with no guessing
  • PERFECT SMART-CORNER DESIGN on the templates is a revolutionary technique using double-blunt corners engineered for perfect alignment - no more dog ears or extra bulk in your quilt

Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 5, “Five is Fabulous!” isn't just a book of patchwork blocks -- It features 16 large and small quilts to make with 5-inch finished size units. That generally means making fewer blocks for a fabulous bed quilt or wall hanging. The 5-inch unit size also showcases popular large prints beautifully. Use it with Sets T, Q and R. The sampler quilt showcases a dozen 15-inch sampler blocks made with Set Q. 80 pages, full color.

Template Set Q – “Q is for Quilting” includes 7 pieces. Use Set Q to make 2 1/2" finished units for 3 ½ inch, 5-inch, 7 ½-inch and 10-inch blocks. The "template primer" booklet includes loads of blocks, tips for combining blocks and simple quilt designs. With just three pieces, we walk and sew quilters through dozens of blocks, from 5-inch to 20-inch. Partner Set Q with our templates for 5" finished units - Set T and Set R - to make even more block sizes.

Template Set R – “Peaky and Spike” - Peaky and Spike are the two triangular shapes that usually convince people they love our templates. Set R makes a 5-inch finished square. The 5-inch size is perfectly suited for today's popular larger fabric prints, and it doesn't take many blocks to cover a bed. Make dozens of different blocks and create your own geometric patterns. In their simplest form, you'll love the many 10" and 15" pinwheels and star blocks you can make.

Template Set T - “Basic Pieces for 5-Inch Units” - Bigger pieces are perfect for beginners and today's popular large prints! Three templates for cutting 7 shapes, including the finished 5-inch combination of square, half-square triangle and quarter-square triangle — a design trio used in hundreds of block designs. Plus 4 bonus shapes.