Marti Michell Log Cabin Quilting Rulers and Quilting Book Bundle, 3 Items

  • $59.58

  • Includes Log Cabin ABCs book (8043), log cabin quilting ruler for ½ and 1-inch strips (8227) and log cabin quilting ruler for 1 and 2-inch strips (8038)
  • 14 LOG CABIN QUILT PATTERNS are included in the Log Cabin ABCs quilting book; book also includes tips and tricks, detailed instructions for cutting with the Log Cabin Rulers, full-size patterns, and how-to’s for a variety of Log Cabin styles, including Courthouse Steps and Off-Center Log Cabin
  • CUT STRIPS TO EXACT LENGTHS for block sizes up to 14" with ease, efficiency and accuracy with these quilting rulers
  • RULERS ARE MARKED with both a letter and the actual length in inches for each strip - just the lines you need, so there is no distraction, no confusion, no unnecessary information.
  • FINISHED STRIP WIDTHS are 2:1 on both rulers, so you can cut strips from both sides to make Off-center Log Cabin blocks.
  • We think you'll be amazed at how much easier it is to piece Log Cabin blocks from exact-size strips, rather than sewing long strips and cutting off the excess (sometimes crookedly).
  • Block sizes are determined by strip width and how many strips are used to make a block of a desired size. The wider the strip, the fewer strips needed.
  • Book is a softcover and has 80 pages.
  • Log Cabin Ruler 8227 is for 1/2" and 1" finished (1" and 1-1/2" cut) strip widths.
  • Log Cabin Ruler 8038 is for 1" and 2" finished (1-1/2" and 2-1/2" cut) strip widths. This ruler is the perfect size for cutting Log Cabin strips from Jelly Rolls!
  • Rulers are acrylic and make blocks up to 14" square. Instructions are included for cutting strips the correct width and chain piecing blocks.

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