Marti Michell Patchwork Quilting Templates - 2 Items: Tumbler Template and Kite Ruler

  • $29.97

  • INCLUDES 2 Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork System Templates: Multi-Size Kite Ruler (8158) and One-derful One Patch Tumbler (8204)
  • KITE RULER is one quilting tool for cutting 2 shapes in 4 sizes; makes blocks from 8 inches to 24 inches; it's great for quilting blocks like stars and wheels and for cutting string-pieced shapes
  • TUMBLER TEMPLATE is one quilting tool for cutting 7 sizes of Tumblers (or Thimbles) from strips or scraps; smallest size of tumbler is perfect for cutting on Jelly Roll strips
  • CONSTRUCTED OF THICK, CLEAR ACRYLIC so you can rotary-cut multiple layers of fabric at one time, easily and precisely; features a perfect 1/4 inch seam allowance so you get specific-size pieces with no guessing
  • DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS are included with all quilting templates and rulers, along with ideas for more quilt designs

The KITE RULER is a perfect companion for Marti Michell Set E Eight-Pointed Star Set (8225) and the Marti Michell Kaleido-Rulers (8641, 8642). It also fits the 45-degree diamond in the Marti Michell Strippers template set (8059).

Use your fabric scraps with the One-derful One Patch Tumbler (8204) to create beautiful scrappy quilts. This template is perfect for one-patch patterns and charm quilts! The Tumbler template makes finished sizes from 2-inches to 5 ½-inches.

Both of these patchwork quilting templates are perfect for hand or machine piecers. Made in USA.