Smartneedle Original BOBBINIS Bobbin Holders - for L, M, and A bobbins - 60 pieces

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Brand: Smartneedle


  • CUTE & FUN DESIGN - These simple but super functional thread holders will add organization and fun to your sewing room.
  • COLORFUL AS LIFE - Comes in happy bright colors, green, pink, orange and blue to brighten up your life with some color therapy.
  • UNIQUE AND FUNCTIONAL - Works with (M, L, and A type bobbins), and adjust to different thread spool diameters (fits on spools openings from 0.25" (6mm) to 0.5" (13mm)), Great for sewing, quilting and embroidery thread spools.
  • AMAZING QUALITY - Bobbinis are made of high-quality memory silicone that sticks firmly inside the spool body on one end and the bobbin on the other.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY SEWING PERSON - Made for people who like organization, Comes in a package of 12pcs or in a jar of 60 pcs, Designed in California by the Smartneedle team.



Bright and funky
Durable and functional
Store all your bobbins on top of color matching spools
Keep bobbins and thread spools on the thread rack
No more wasting time looking for a bobbin to match
Keep your drawer clean and organized

Craft Type: Sewing, Quilting and Embroidery

Material: High-Quality Memory Silicone - (not cheap imitation rubber)

Usage Instructions:
Bobbinis Bobbin holder has two ends, a short end carries a bobbin (type L, M or A size). .
The other end fits into most common brands of home sewing thread spools (embroidery, quilting or regular sewing)-Madeira,Brother,Gutherman,ARC,Coats, etc...
Tip: to prevent bobbin thread unwinding. Wind thread twice over post before snapping the bobbin.
Not intended for large commercial or jumbo spools

Carries up to:

  • Fits bobbins - M, L, or A type
  • 4 Bright Colors
  • Fits most brands of thread spools
  • Available in 12 or 60pcs
  • Check our line of unique notions
  • Made by in California

UPC: 612058690616

EAN: 0612058690616

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