Quilt Sticks Rotary Cutter Quilting Templates, Starter Kit, Set of Quilting Rulers 7 Widths

  • $65.98

The Quilt Sticks Starter Kit contains are pre-sized rectangular quilting templates to use with a rotary cutter 

  • Special non-slip backing prevents them from slipping or moving on the fabric as you cut, allowing for easy fabric cutting, quicker maneuvering, and fewer mistakes
  • Use these templates to cut fabric quickly and efficiently.  This Quilt Sticks Starter Kit includes 7 different sized templates in the most popular widths:  
    • 1 ½ inch
    • 2 inch
    • 2 ¼ inch
    • 2 ½ inch
    • 3 inch
    • 3 ½ inch
    • 5 inch. 
  • These rotary cutter rulers are about 24 inches long; a perfect length to cut folded 45-inch wide fabrics without re-positioning the ruler
  • Each Quilt Sticks template is cut to the exact size you need, allowing you to focus your attention on the rotary cutter blade and your fabric instead of the ruler; accurate straight-edges yield the same size every time
    • No need to look at tiny measurements on a ruler
    • No measuring so no mistakes cutting the wrong size
  • Cut up to 6 layers of quilt fabric at one time
  • Grommeted hole in one end allows them to be conveniently hung with other quilting tools
  • Quilt Sticks templates are perfect for the beginner or seasoned quilter
  • Use them for all kinds of projects including
    • Laying out grid lines for top quilting
    • Hemming of drapes 
    • Cutting bindings, sashings and strips
    • Crafting projects
    • Sewing projects
    • Straight edge for cutting 
    • Or any other project your imagination can create
  • Handmade in the USA from pressed hardwood

These are great gifts for any quilter or crafter.