Smartneedle Seam Ripper, Stitch Ripper - Double Tip with Protective Cap - Purple

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Brand: Smartneedle

Color: Purple


  • 2 HIGH PRECISION SEAM RIPPERS IN 1. Our double tip stitch ripper is a vital tool for any seamstress. Whether it is a small delicate seam or a larger job to unpick, Smartneedle Undo Double Tip Seam Ripper can tackle anything. Never need multiple sized seam rippers again.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR EASY HANDLING. Some seam rippers are too tiny to get a good grip on and can easily slip. But our 2-in-1 seam cutter has an ultra comfortable ergonomic anti-slip handle which is suitable for anyone to safely rip even the tightest seam.
  • JAPANESE HARDENED STEEL BLADES. The blades of our thread unpicker are made from the highest quality Japanese harden steel for a clean, smooth cut without ruining the fabric. Each blade is protected by a rubberized cap to ensure maximum safety and also prevent damage to the blades.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY SEAMSTRESS. Do you know someone who loves to sew? Imagine how happy they will be to have a set of sewing rippers in this holiday season. So, our seam ripper comes with a nice gift packaging which makes it a practical and stylish gift for all the seamstresses in your life.

Publisher: Smartneedle

Details: SMARTNEEDLE UNDO DOUBLE TIP SEAM RIPPER - AN ESSENTIAL SEAM RIPPER TOOL FOR ALL SEWING ENTHUSIASTS! No one likes to make mistakes, especially a skilled seamstress, but the fact of life is mistakes can happen. Sewing machines can malfunction and run wildly out of control and before you know it you have a terrible seam you need to undo quickly without ruining your fabric. That is why a seam ripper is an essential tool for anyone who sews from the professional seamstress to the enthusiastic hobbyist. Many sewing enthusiasts have a selection of different sized seam removers for various tasks and often need to search for the perfect one for the job. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have one tool that quickly and professionally unpicks any seam in seconds? Introducing ★SMARTNEEDLE UNDO DOUBLE TIP SEAM RIPPER★ You no longer need to worry about finding the right size sew ripper for the task. Instead, you can quickly undo the bad seam swiftly and professionally with less fuss. Our original double tipped seam ripper has 2 tools in 1 to tackle any size of seam and can rip even the most tangled and tightly stitched threads without ruining your fabric. Have you ever had a seam ripper that was too small to handle, easily slips and make you injured with its sharp blades? Our design takes safety into high consideration for sewing lovers who need an extra comfortable anti-slip grip on their seam ripper. The soft ergonomic rubberized grip on our seam ripper can help prevent those slips from happening and each sharp blade comes with its own protective cover to keep your creative hands safe.


✅ Premium quality Japanese hardened steel blades for precise thread cutting.

✅ Flexible bends to get into the difficult to reach areas.

✅ Safe and comfortable to use on any type of seam.

✅ Protect your delicate fabrics from tearing and ripping.

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