Smartneedle TuTu Creative Sewing Organizer and Pincushion - for a Mason Jar - Vintage Edition - White

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Brand: Smartneedle

Color: White


  • CUTE & FUN DESIGN - a ballerina skirt shaped caddy, will add a bit of lightness and fun to your room interior. Keep it by the sewing machine, or move it wherever you enjoy sewing.
  • COLORFUL AS LIFE - available in green, pink and white colors, Tutu makes sewing truly enjoyable. Customize the pincushion with your own colorful fabric and brighten up your life with some color therapy.
  • UNIQUE AND FUNCTIONAL - carries up to 16 bobbins (M, L, and A type) and 4 embroidery scissors. It's a pincushion, a bobbin holder, and a scissor holder. Fill up your Mason jar with other sewing supplies, and keep all the essentials in one place.
  • AMAZING QUALITY - Tutu is made of high-quality silicone that sticks firmly to the jar's neck and doesn't slide.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN - made for people who like to find creative solutions to everyday problems. Tutu is a practical DIY gift that sewing lovers will enjoy both making and using. Supplies, a Wide Mouth Mason Jar, and a pincushion fabric are not included.



Bright and funky
Durable and functional
Store all your sewing supplies in one place
Transform an old "Wide Mouth Mason Jar" into a piece of art
Customize the pincushion with your own fabric
Challenge your creativity
Keep your desk clean and organized

Craft Type: Sewing and Quilting

Material: High-Quality Silicone

Usage Instructions:
This sewing organizer comes as a one piece item with some DIY elements.
Cut 4 small tabs and separate pieces in order to create a pincushion and a holder rim.
The pincushion can then be customized with your own fabric.
Only works with a "Wide Mouth Mason Jar"

Please read the instructions carefully, get creative and build something new!

Step 1. Cut the inner dome tabs
Step 2. Separate the two pieces
Step 3. Cut a 6 x 6 piece of fabric
Step 4. Tuck fabric inside the back groove
Step 5. Push the pincushion through the jar's cap
Step 6. Make sure the pincushion sits on the channel
Step 7. Put the remaining part- holder rim - onto the jar's neck
Step 8. Fill your new caddy with sewing essentials and enjoy the craft!

Carries up to:

  • 16 bobbins - M, L, or A type
  • 4 embroidery scissors
  • Pincushion
  • Pins and needles
  • Other supplies that can fit into a Wide Mouth Mason Jar
  • Made by

Supplies, a Wide Mouth Mason Jar, and pincushion fabric are not included.

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